smelly cat

May 6th, 2010

using the bathroom immediately after someone just used it is a little gross. this is very common at the movie theater, airport, bar, etc. today it happened at work. i waited for a stall, and after it was freed, i walked in expecting the normal lingering odor of urine or poop. i’m somewhat used to dealing with those smells, but i will never get used to the odor of someone who has a not-so-fresh-feeling down there. ugh. i experienced that today as i bent over to put the paper seat protector over the toilet. the smell of stinky vjayjay hit my nose and my eyes immediately started to water. i also felt a small gag reflex forming in my throat. stinky V is normal, every woman gets gross down there at some point, it just sucks to smell someone else’s funk when you least expect it.

stinky V kills

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