Pop a Squat

Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a while. I was travelling. Usually when I travel, I have travel constipation. But not this time. I took my L-Carnitine with me, and it was poo central everyday. I also went to a land where Indian food was good and plentiful, so along with the L-Carnitine, the spices in the food also helped me digest, and I had landslides of mush exiting my bottom orifice. That was pretty awesome, but it would have been awesomer if most of bathrooms were not squatters. The muscles in my legs are somewhat weak while in the squatting position, so I was prone to falling over when my legs were giving out… this is not good when there is diarrhea resting inches below your butt. Also disgusting: the water pressure is weak, so there were always traces of poo left behind by the previous pooper in the squatters, not to mention the puddles of urine on the floor around the squatter. I wanted to hurl. I want to hurl now just thinking about it. I guess travel constipation would have benefited me during this particular trip, but if I think about it in a positive way, I left little mushy brown pieces of me all over the country!

My toilet for the past 3 weeks, except 2435465 times dirtier.

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