I have an abnormal fear of public restrooms. When I am out for an entire day, I try not to drink any liquids which usually leads to dehydration, but to me that is better than using a dirty toilet. Even when I have to go, I will try to hold it as long as possible until my bladder is about to burst. I will hover over the seat, so I am never touching the nasty thing, but just being in the same presence as a grimy toilet and the smell of other peoples’ waste makes me want to cry. I guess that explains my reoccurring nightmares of being in a public restroom. When I’m asleep and have to pee, I dream about being in an enormous, empty and dingy bathroom with multiple stalls. Each stall I go into has either a clogged toilet or the seat is covered in pee. After checking out most of the unusable stalls, I am finally hovering over a pee-drenched seat trying to urinate. I can’t pee and I’m suspended over this disgusting toilet and my thighs are getting tired and I’m about to lose my balance and fall on the seat. As soon as that is about to happen, I wake up. I’m in bed and my bladder hurts because I have to pee so badly. I guess the positive to my nightmares is I don’t relieve myself while asleep. Still, I’d rather have nightmares about monsters than being stuck in a dirty bathroom.


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