Poo Log: 23 Feb 2016

Type: Large, girthy, solid log with very tapered, slightly curved ends.
Smell: A little stinky. Not too terrible.
Where: Office Bathroom (single room with toilet and sink)
Time: 10 AM. Was a busy day at work, had to go earlier but held it in until my butt was about to explode.
Duration: Poo from start to finish took less than 1 minute. Turd ended up folding on itself when flushed, leaving thick tread marks around the toilet hole. Stayed in bathroom for additional few minutes for two more flushes. Still some visible marks after three total flushes. Prayed no one was waiting outside to use the bathroom as I exited. Prayers answered.
What I ate: Dinner the night before was chicken curry. Lunch the day before consisted of leftover BBQ. Breakfast this morning was a glass of Kefir.
Poo Satisfaction: 10 out of 10. Amazing girth. Very healthy looking turd. Some butthole pain.
Girthy and tapered.
Girthy and tapered.

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