Happy Thursday. In recognition of Throwback Thursday, here is a story from a couple decades ago. I ran cross country in high school. We had practice runs every morning before school, so we showered in the women’s locker room before classes started. One morning, I felt very gassy. As I

Bad Food, Messy Poop

I’ve been trying to eat healthy these past couple of weeks. I’ve cut down on my sugar intake, and I begrudgingly say no to bread (which is near impossible when I want a burger). Weekends are my cheat meal days, and even though I’m technically allowing myself to eat whatever

Bathroom Buddies

I went to poop in the office bathroom, and when I sat down a lady colleague sat in the adjacent stall. We both opened our orifices at the same time and released our waste simultaneously; she peed and I pooped. She peed a long, steady stream, and my poo log