My wedding came and went last week, and I am happy to say that I’ve stopped my chicken and no shits diet. I’m back to eating whatever the hell I want, and I’ve put on five pounds in less than a week. I’ve also been taking massive dumps since I’ve

3 Scoops = 1 Turd

Something magical happened this morning. I farted, and it smelled terrible. That could only mean one thing.. there was a turd sitting right inside my bunghole. It took a few minutes before I had a slight bowel movement. I went straight for the toilet and waited patiently for it to

Wedding Diet

My wedding is fast approaching, so I’ve been eating healthy the last week and restricted my diet to chicken breast and broccoli. I’ve also increased my water intake and completely cut out sugar and starches. I thought my upped fiber and fluid consumption would produce the most amazing poops, but