Watch Your Step

Would you walk into a public park’s restroom barefoot? What if the restroom had a clogged toilet and the entire floor was flooded with questionable fluids and little floating bits? What if you were wearing something (for example, a long dress) that dragged on the floor while you walked? What

Sweet Sound of Relief

I’ve come to the sad realization that I am severely lactose intolerant. I’ve always been able to stomach dairy products, some more easily than others, but it was never a huge concern whether I’d have a mild stomach ache or diarrhea as a result. I know eating ice cream makes


I’ve been constipated for a couple days now, but I had a bowel movement this morning. Today is my day off so I took the opportunity to sit on the toilet for however long necessary until something fell out of my ass. Ten minutes in I farted a few times.