Bad Dream

I think I have an unhealthy fear of dirty public bathrooms. I often have reoccurring dreams where I’m not at home and need to pee very badly, so I find a public restroom. They all look about the same in my dreams.. they are dark, dingy, and dirty. In the dozens of bathroom dreams I’ve had, most of them have some sort of deep brown or charcoal tiles, and every stall has a toilet covered in pee. In real life, if a toilet has someone’s urine on it, I choose a different stall or I wipe it and use a seat cover (double seat covers for double protection). In my dreams, every stall has urine on it so picking another one is no use. Also in my dreams, I don’t clean the seats. I think I put toilet paper over the pee on the seat (which creates soaked toilet paper) and then proceed to hover over the toilet, or sometimes I just hover without any sort of buffer between my butt and the pee. But hovering in my dreams always leads to the inevitable.. I end up falling bare-assed on the wet seat, and I can not seem to pick myself off the seat now matter how hard I try (and sometimes the bottom of my shirt or my pants end make contact with the urine). Yuck, just thinking about it is grossing me out. Yeah, this probably means I am really afraid of public restrooms. Now that I think about it, I do drink as little amount of liquids as possible when I’m out so I don’t have to pee. Life would be so much easier if I could pee standing.

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