Funky Fresh

Oh, man.. or more like oh, woman. I was washing my hands in the office bathroom when a coworker walked in and used the stall adjacent to the sink. As soon as she dropped trou, an unbearable fishy stench filled the area. I wonder if she knew I could smell it. Actually, I’m pretty sure she knew I could smell it– the odor was so powerful. I’m more surprised she chose the stall closest to me; our feet were only inches apart (though facing opposite directions). She wears tight-fitting pants to work so her not-so-fresh aroma was unbeknownst to me before this incident. Previously, a coworker (who is now retired) always had a fishy smell whenever she sat down; she liked to violently fall into the seat and straddle it, causing a poof of vaginal musk to cloud the air around her nether regions (I knew this because she always scooted her chair next to me and the tang stank would float to nose level). Funny how a certain smell can bring back malodorous memories. I know, horrible of me to share. Every woman emits a less than pleasant vaginal spice at least once her in her life, I just like to talk about it.


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    I am laughing so hard right now.

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