i went to pee in the office bathroom, and i was greeted by the remains of someone’s explosive diarrhea. splashes of it were on the back of the toilet seat and the wall. good grief, what the heck did this person eat for lunch?

while i was admiring the work of Pooter Jenning’s diarrhea, sandpaper girl came in and started sanding down her vagina and proceeded to do this for quite a while.

after that incident, i went for a jog (you know, to clear my mind of raw vjayjay). i didnt know i had to go #2. i ran with a turtle head the entire time. not the most efficient way to run.

when i finished my jog, i went back into the ladies’ bathroom to splash water on my face and cool off, but someone was taking a mad dump already. ah, fresh air.

my day would’ve been topped off had my favorite coworker come in and play me a song.

i couldnt find a photo of a smorgasbord of poo, so mr. hanky will do

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